2 in 1 screen protector

The mart phone is overtime coming to bigger and bigger. With case, operation with single hand is more and more difficult. So, consumers need an extremely thin and light case. On the other hand, display screen protection is a forever concern. Is there a solution to integrating case and screen to satisfy user’s one-stop purchase?

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Keja now worked out this solution which integrated screen protector as front cover and case as back cover. This is a transparent case. We name it 2 in1 screen protector. This product provides full coverage and all-round protection without any missing. Front side, back side, for edge, all colors . This product is totally composed of two parts: front cover and back cover. Each parts contain PP quality frame and tempered glass board. PP frame are made by molded injection, glass board is made with normal glass screen protector production. This product brings skin friendly experience with matt finishing .The frame material is only 0.3mm-thick. The total thickness is only 7mm. The toal weight is only 16g. Its is unprecedented super thin and extremely light. Compared with similar product current,KEJA 2in1 protector has following definite advantages,  super thin and light. This product is the thinnest and lightest case on current market. Only 0.35mm in thickness and ?? in weight. This brings real phone –like handling and operation.  720degree, 3D protection Surface, back, top and bottom , all corners get fully covered and all around protection for anti scratch. Aluminum high definition glass screen protector , shatter proof and anti explosion, power full anti fingerprint and anti smudginess function, automatically air degassing and bulb free.  back cover of case is make of clear tempered glass. This can show the smartphone’s real color. this case provides separated holes on back to provides camera protection. 7colors option. Red, violet, white, black, green, deep blue, blue , Because the color pigment are mixed in PP material and injected, the color will last forever, unlike surface electroplating, the case body is processed with matt surface. This gives strong function of anti smudginess and experience of skin friendly. Processed and produced by imported high precise machine. The product closely and tightly surrounds the smartphone without any gap and will not come off. 11158 (1) 11158 (2) 11158 (3) 11158 (4) 11158 (5) 11158 (6) 11158 (7) 11158 (8)

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