3 D full glue tempered glass screen protector

D hot curved full glue screen protector, covered with cement /glue on the whole back side of screen protector which provides perfect connecting surface of mobile phone screen display. The cruve edge match the mobile phone’s curved egde. This product is applied for those mobile phone with curved display, like Samsung 8/8plus, note8, S9/S9 PLUS/NOTE 9, S10/S10 plu/NOTE10, Huawei Mate series, Xiaomi, VIVO,OPPO’s flag ship model.

Products Details

Process 3D hotbending, full glue, full coverage.
Material 0.33 high Aluminum glass
AB Glue Japan/Korea origin, fast degassing
AF Coating Option: plasma spray/ plating
Total Thickness  0.58mm(±0.2mm)
Transparency 98%
Hardness 9H
Drop Angle 105(after testing) -115degree(before testing)
Ball Drop Test 175g solid steel ball, 1 meter height
Function Option Anti-glare,anit-blue ray, privacy
Quality Option Average verion,  Xxstronger version
Edge Process original color or black print
Package: 1 unit into 1 Dual layer EPE+CPE bag
OEM : Size, gift box
5_01 5_02 5_03 5_04 5_05 5_06 5_07 5_081, precise mold tooling based on real device leads to pefer matching. 2, full glue provide sensitive touch control. 3, 3D full coverage provides full screen protection. 4, excellent AF and round edge bring smooth smoonth touhc experience. 5,sufficient- time tempered glass gives shatter proof, anti explosion and safe application. 6,for top end user choice.This 3D hot bending full glue scree product adapts 0.33mm high quality Asahi aluminum glass for durable using and extreme protection. We give 3-4 hours glass tempering for anti explosion  and shatter proof for safe application. This product provide protection for 100% screen display area: edge to ege, covering all angle of mobile phone screen display. Full glue provide more senstitive touch feeling and operation experience. We use Japan Tokyo AB glue, it can make bubble dispear fast when its installed. Dakin AF oil by plasma spraying or elctronic plating brings smooth sliding on surface of screen protector. Anti glare, anti blue light, two way or four way privacy, full clear , two edge silk printed, four edge silk printed can satisfy different customers requirements. Black silk pritned or clear edge are both available. We conduct strigent water drop angle test and ensure the angle is 105 degree above after 5000 thousands steel wool scratch test. At the same time,175g steel ball drop from 100 cm height, it will not go broken. We provide compatible version which can be use for Samsung technology of ultronsonic finger print scan like S20, S21 series.

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