Anti glare glass screen protector

This anti glare glass , also called AG glass screen protector effectivly reduuce shinning when used outdoor. It also strenghten function of finger smudgeness. Applied for: all mobile phone or pad /tablet of Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi. All 2.5D screen protector or 3D scree protector

Products Details

Process Anti glare, matt surface
Material Glass
AB Glue Japan/Korea origin, fast degassing
AG process Chemial etching
AF Coating Option: plasma spray/ plating
Total Thickness 0.58mm( glass); varies with other types.
Transparency 90%
Hardness 9H
Drop Angle 105(after testing) -115degree(before testing)
Ball Drop Test 175g solid steel ball, 1 meter height
Quality Option Average verion,  Xxstronger version
Appplied Type 2.5D, 3D, hotbending, black print edge, clear.
Package: 1 unit into 1 Dual layer EPE+CPE bag
OEM : Size, gift box
6_01 6_02 6_03 6_04 6_05 6_06 6_07 6_081,precise mold tooling based on real device leads to pefer matching. 2, this anti glare can be used in all types of protector, including glass, TPU, 2.5D, 3D, hotbending, black print edge. 3,matt surface for anti-glare, with 90% light transparency.Note: we also provide anti glare TPU film protector This AG screen protector use imported high aluminum glass. This anti glare screen protector are etched by chemical materials and forms a lots of Pits with90%above light transmitted. Make the light diffuse to differen direction,which make it not shining when its surface seen by human eyes. This kind AG screen protector is widely used for device used outdoor to prevent not clearly seeing in sunshine. It also provides extra fingerprint smudgeness free. The proces sof anti-glare can be used all kinds of screen protector including 2.5D flat, 2.5D silk print, 3D hot bending or 3D glue droping cold carving. KEJA anti-glare screen protector past water drop test of 105 degree after 5000 times of steel wool scracth. 60g steel ball drops fromo 60 cm height, they don’t get broken. Efficient-time tempering ensures durability and shatter proof, anti-explosion and application security. Electronic plating with imported oleophobic material provides excellent smudgeness free. Option: The AG glass creen protector, we can keep edge polished. 

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