Ipad/Tablet automatically exhaust Applicator

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Products brief: This screen protector applicator adopts special design. The screen is built inside of applicator,  when the applicator is put on screen display. The air will be degassed along the direction for top to end. From middle to edge. You dont need to us finger or squeezing card to drive off bubbles in middle or edge of screen protector. This is a fully automatic Pad,mobile phone or tablet tempered glass screen protector. Its smartly take screen protector alignement with device screen display. Its a real blind-operation toughed glass screen protector applicator.   Back Ground. For professional person, installation of glass screen protector is easy. However, for those common consumers, this is a challenge. Installing mobile phone is better due to its small size, but for pad or tablet. They always can not very exactly put the screen protector to screen display fast in one time and leave bubbles or white edge. One or two times of installation failure, after long time exposed in air, AB glue and screen protector are easy to get dirty with dust. They have to pay more a new one. So, for screen protector, the installation is biggest problem which is extremely need to be solved.    KEJA automatic advantage. With applicator for installation, when the screen protector is put on screen display on the Pad or  mobile phone, you have to use finger to squeeze from to end and from middle to sides,even use squeezing card to drive off bulbs. Use KEJA applicator, you need only put the applicator on screen protector and wait for 8 seconds, and then take off applicator,  you will find the installation is complished perfectly with out any bubbles in middle or edges. Applied for: iPhone12 full series, iPhone13 series, iPAD all size. 

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