Vision Enhancement Glass Screen Protector

一、Background of KEJA AR vision enhanced glass screen protector. 1, The regular HD screen protector light transparency is only about 92%.   2, Traditionally,in order to solve problem of light reflection and glare in sunshine, the screen protector is processed with matt surface, which makes the light transparency only 90%. On the other hand , matt surface glass has been etched by chemical material, so compared to regular tempered HD surface protector, it performs worse in test of steel ball drop and edge crush. 二、KEJA’S AR vision enhanced protector With a special material,through electronic plated on glass, the glass can reduce the light reflection, the light transparency goes up to 98%, Which is called AR technology. With AR technology, in the indoor, human see the mobile scree much clearer than regular glass protector. When outdoor in sunshine,cause of light glare and reflection, AR vision enhancement protector performs far better than regular glass screen protector or matt surface protector. 三、Advantage of KEJA vision enhancement protector 1,up to 98%light transparency. 2,almost 100% renders what mobile phone screen displays to human eyes. 3, in sunshine, human see mobile screen far clear than regular HD or matt glass screen protector and also solve matt protectors shortage in worse collision and edge crush. 

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